Core Services
  • Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis (DNA-seq, RNA-seq, Chip-seq and etc.)
  • Microarray Data Analysis
  • Data Analysis Application (Web-based/Desktop-based) Support
  • Database Access/Acquisition
  • Large Scale Biomedical Data Management
  • Bioinformatics Consulting and Training
  • Grant Support
Service Costs
Free Service

Grant support with a reasonable amount of effort and the initial project meeting within an hour will be offered at no cost. Analysis of preliminary data may be billed upon agreement.

Service Rates
  • Grant Based Option: For long term bioinformatics services, the core will allocate certain amount of bioinformatician effort and computation resources requested by the PI for a period of time. The total cost is calculated solely on the dedicated bioinformatician’s salary and the computation resources used.
  • Hourly Based Option: For smaller projects, the core will provide hourly service ($82.0/hour) for Penn and CHOP users.
Data Computation Time and Storage Cost

Most large-scale data analysis needs to be performed on HPC cluster of the Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS). The clients will be responsible for extra charges from PMACS for the computation time and storage of their own data.